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Internet Marketing Tips - Interview with Jerry West SEO, Search Engine Optimization Expert

Company hiretrade Presented By: Hire Trade Professionals Portal

So how is your website doing? Are you getting as many hits as you would like? Are you a web-master concerned about maximum web exposure for your clients? Well then maybe you need to spend some time thinking about Search Engine Optimization. Well that’s just what we’re here today to talk about with Jerry West. Jerry is a Search Engine Specialist with a website dedicated to making search engines work for you. Welcome Jerry.

Jerry West: Thank you.

Interviewer: And Jerry your website makes some pretty strong claims or even accusations about search engine gurus as you call them and you say that there is a lot of misinformation floating around in cyberspace about search engine strategies; can you explain?

Jerry West: Yeah; there’s--there’s a ton--basically I’ve been an SEO for 10 years and some of my favorite misconceptions out there is well- -the--the [vaunted] guaranteed placements or guaranteed listing-- many SEO firms will go through and--and state this claim and what will happen is they’ll either target keyword phrases that generate so little traffic that yes, you’ll be at the top but you’ll receive no traffic, no sales; therefore your money is wasted. Or, they’ll offer you a guarantee and this is a great guarantee; the guarantee goes like this.

We guarantee that we’ll do the work, get you traffic, or we’ll keep doing the work for you for free until we--we get there. The problem with that guarantee--while it sounds good--it says nothing about getting your money back; it’s basically holding your money hostage. If an SEO can't get it right the first time they’re not going to get it right the second, third, or fourth time, and what ends up happening you end up firing the SEO firm, they keep your money, and you try to find someone else to go to.

Another one is still even though they’ve--they’ve been dead for about six years is meta-tags. People think that Search Engine Optimization lives and dies with meta-tags. They’ve been dead since 2000. Google has never read them but people just for some reason think that meta-tags are--are the way to go through to get their website highly indexed and highly placed and that’s just not the case.

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