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Everyone in business understands the importance of networking, but the downfall can be that networking takes so much time to do right and to do regularly.


So if you could get someone to do your business networking for you you’d jump at the chance right – but how do you have someone else singing the praises of your business without looking like you couldn’t find the time to do it yourself?


Well, in the world of the internet, this third party networking, which produces all the same benefits of you having done the online legwork yourself, is our SEO directory submission. Our directory submission sees your website submitted to all of the best directories on the internet, which in turn helps your website’s Google pagerank – in submitting your website to these directories, not only does Google see you ‘hanging out with the big guns’, but you are also building a highly functional link network which will direct highly targeted traffic to your website.

In creating this extra traffic through the directory, you are also creating ‘backlinks’ – which is what search engines look for when ranking natural results.

Therefore, by increasing your popularity and standing with the major search engines, you are also doing the right thing by other internet users who specifically look for websites deemed to be trustworthy.

Directory submission also works well in conjunction with article submissions. With articles posted to the busiest and most popular article directories, coupled with your website being submitted to the most powerful directories increase your online visibility and increase your search engine ranking, as well as the confidence which internet users have in your brand, your company and your reputation.

We will routinely post articles about your company to facilitate this, however we encourage our customers to submit articles as often as they like. It doesn’t have to be groundbreaking news either. Anything that you think may be of interest to your customers – new staff member, new piece of equipment, new customer – it all helps  


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