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Connecting The Business Community, And Increasing Brand Awareness Through An Innovative Online Marketing Strategy

Startups and independent business owners can post custom profiles and listings on Hire Trade to expand their reach within their target audience.

WORLDWIDE, 4.08, 2014—There is now round the clock, and mobile access to the every type of information imaginable. This means that consumers can simply type the name of a business, product, or professional service they are in need of into a search engine—and will be provided with an unlimited number of options. While there are an unlimited number of businesses that appear in search results, consumers are still left to questions the level of trust and integrity of the businesses that populate.

It is for this reason that Hire Trade decided to launch—both in Canada and Europe. Hire Trade is both an online marketing solution for startups and independent business owners—as well as a place that consumers can go to browse local businesses from a multitude of industries.

Each business on Hire Trade has personally written, custom portfolio and listings—both for B2B marketing, as well as for direct access to prospective clients. For business owners, Hire Trade is an effective online marketing solution—however it is also a consumer and business resource. They have a user forum where breaking business news is discussed—as well as a full user directory so that businesses can be found within a matter of seconds.

Hire Trade currently operates with two separate networks—one for Canadian business owners, and one for European business owners.

“The response has be overwhelming, and has proven to be an effective method of building branding awareness.” Max K

For business owners who are searching for current business news, an online marketing solution, or another avenue to develop their branding awareness—a custom profile can be created today at the links below:

Canadian Business Owners:

European Business Owners:



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